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Popular Boys' Birthday Themes & Party Tips

 *A themed shirt for the birthday boy is a great way to make them feel special! Here is a link to custom kids birthday shirts for kiddos and the entire family. 



Tips: Kiddos and adults can play fishing games in a kiddy pool and you can decorate with boats, anchors, and everything nautical. 

Outfit"O Fishally One" Fish Themed First Birthday Romper with Shorts Knee Patch $29.95



Tips: Make decorating easy with the sports equipment you have around the house, and play a baseball toss games. Your guests can wear their favorite sports jerseys or shirts and have a ball!

Outfit"Nine" 9th Birthday Personalized Baseball Raglan $19.95

Custom Birthday Baseball Raglan

 Wild One

Tips:  Stuffed animals and forest décor are easy to set up. Your family and friends will have a great time playing follow the footprints scavenger games.
Outfit: "Wild One" Slim Fit 1st Birthday Personalized Romper $29.95
Wild One First Birthday Personalized Romper


Tips: You could decorate with stars and planets, and have space-themed games like pin the rocket on the moon or a rocket-building contest.
Outfit: Two the Moon Second Birthday Shirt $19.95
Two the Moon Customer Kids Birthday Shirt

Cars and Trucks

Tips: You could decorate with car and truck posters and toys, and have a car race or truck obstacle course.
Outfit: "One" Racecar Themed First Birthday T-shirt/bodysuit $19.95

One Racecar Kids Custom Birthday Romper

For more birthday themed-fun, check out our large selection of custom shirts for the whole family!


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